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♪ warmup music coming up. you have to see this video. check this out. florida marlins/washington nationals game. first pitch of the sixth inning. watch what happens. takes his helmet off. bench clearer. everybody gets into this one. look at that. everybody is into this. >> look at this. slow motion. there you see boom. charges the plate. throws it down. he doesn't care. the mound rather. here he comes. clothesline. this literally looks like a wwe, you know. >> they were wait aring for that. that had been coming -- it went on and ended up being a 16-10 game. marlins beating the nationals. if that doesn't get t.j.'s adrenaline going -- >> who got in trouble? there. >> there's trouble. >> that's an excellent point. excellent, excellent point. nobody is going to get in
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trouble. nobody. you can't hear me? ali can't hear me. >> we can't hear you. >> i should say bad things because they can't hear me. i hope you can hear me. i'm t.j. holmes in for krya phillips. we are going to be not talking about base-brawls. we have a big night on our hands with the storm. hurricane earl is on the way. it could make it to the coast, close to the coast at least today. at some point tonight we are keeping a close eye on. our reynolds wolf is here tracking it. we are talking about man -- a strange scene that played out yesterday. explosives, a gun, grunge, directed at the disney channel. why? we will explain the pictures year seeing as well, discovery channel, excuse me. we are talking about the discovery channel, n.
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got some news. always hearing about the gap, you know, the employment or income gap between men and women. some women now are outearning the men. but there is a catch here. these are very particular women in a very particular demographic. we will explain that coming up. let's get back to the hurricane. hurricane earl. when i was on the air with you here just about 24 hours ago, we were talking about a category 3 storm. today i'm talking to you about a category 4 storm. it has, in fact, picked up some steam, gained strength, 145 miles per hour winds out there right now. we do have watches and warnings. all kinds of watches and warnings all up and down the east coast now. north carolina is bracing for the worst hit right now. at least the first hit, i should say. the storm will be really close. north carolina, some point today. probably stimulate tonight. but already the threat of the
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high winds, already the threat of a storm surge as well. destructive waves and rip currents already causing problems. the president already sign ad disaster declaration for north carolina last night. fema, homeland security secretary, also has been briefing the president and they are ready to jump in and help out. some evacuations are in place. mandatory evacuations for tourists right now. some of the residents, though, they are saying they are going to try to ride this thing out. others are heeding the warning and starting to pack up and get out thereof. at least one county, dare county, north carolina, the schools there and also the city offices are closed today and tomorrow. let's go further up the coast. all way up to maine. lifeguards busy there. we are talking about the dangerous rip currents. this high tide right now where one swimmer got caught newspaper one of the rip currents. had to be rescued. more on the south end. possibly dangerous conditions on south florida beaches. big waves. rough surf, rip currents. that's the problem for the past
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24 hours or so. people are being told to stay out of the water. we are going to get the latest on the track right now where this storm is headed from our reynolds wolf. he is standing by for us. let's go to the coast now with rob marciano. he is at kill devil hills in north carolina. rob, hello. it is on the way to you. >> it is. you know, you mentioned that rip current danger along the beeches, the east coast. including in north carolina. i think that now that this thing has become a category 4 and the track continues to hold and bring a very close to the shoreline here, these people along these beaches and these inland communities are going to be talking about much, much more than just rip currents. we could see category 1, 2 or 3 strength winds here on the coast. even if the thing stays offshore. if you mentioned this, evacuation orders for hyde and dare county. dare county, all visitors you
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on. schools are closed. the beachgoers and the storm onlookers are already out here. the way the landscape is set up tease coast different from the gulf of mexico. you don't worry so much about storm surge. it is low tide now. waves are building, high tide will be up right where we are standing. there are slifvers of the outer bank. in hurricane's past have been completely washed over. some cases cut off to where you have people cut off from the mainland. that's certainly a concern here and that's one of the reasons evacuation orders have been issued. they haven't seen a hurricane here since 2003 when hurricane isabelle came in as a category 2 storm. it has been quite some time. some of the people we talked to yesterday didn't really seem to be terribly concerned. that changed somewhat today. we are seeing more as far as people that are on the move. it is very dry here right now. that's good news. as far as the amount of humidity in the air. i think some of that dry air will get caught up into earl and may see a little bit of
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weakening at least that is certainly the hope. the other hope is that make that right turn and sooner rather than later. they haven't done that just yet. reynolds will expound on that a little more later on to see when that thing will turn. if it jog further to the west 20, 30 miles, then you are talking about this area being in the core of the western core of that eye wall. and that's much, much more dangerous than being 20, 30 miles away from it. that's going to be a dicey situation come around 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. tonight as it heads up towards new england. >> all right. this will be a story for the next several days. exactly what this storm will do. we appreciate you and con to check in with rob. he will keep us update order what's happening on the coast and reynolds wolf is here with me. he is keeping a close eye on the track of earl. we will be checking in with him in just a moment. back to the story we saw play out live on the air here yesterday. the story of what was happening at the discovery channel, one man taking out his rage on the
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discovery channel of all places. lot of people scratching their heads trying to figure out what could have been in their programming to upset this man so. our tom foreman has the play-by-play of what happened yesterday when a man stormed in with a gun and took hostages. >> reporter: 1:00 p.m., the washington suburb of silver spring. police say a man walks in a the lobby of the discovery channel waving a pistol. the metallic canisters to strapped to his body telling everyone not to move. one witness says she hears a shot. another calls police. workers begin sounding the alarm throughout the building. 1:21, company officials send an e-mail urging employees to, quote, seek protection in a locked office. some do. most of the 1900 workers evacuate. slipping out through passageways that bypass the lobby. children from a daycare center inside the building also are hustled away. but some people are trapped in
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the lobby with the gunman. police surround the building, stand-off begins. >> there are heavily armed police officers surrounding the building. police cars, armored vehicles. >> reporter: 2:20. hour and 20 minutes after the gunman entered the building police confirmed their tactical team has him in their sights and will later say they were also watching in through security cameras. while other officers are trying to negotiate with him by cell phone. much remains unclear. >> there may be other potential devices with him. >> reporter: a short while later a law enforcement source identify it is man as james lee who has clashed with the discovery channel before. demanding attention for his ideas about humans and nature. negotiators keep talking. but later say he has wild mood swings during their conversation. >> during the past hour, the negotiators will be trying to
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calm him down emotionally, to try to de-escalate the potential for violence, to try to convince him that there is a way to resolve this with nobody else being hurt or nobody being hurt at all. and to end this peacefully. >> reporter: it does not work. police say at approximately 4:50 p.m. nearly four hours after lee entered the building, a sniper shoots. >> the suspect was shot by police officers. the device appeared to go after. >> reporter: three hostages, that's all there were, are rushed to safety. while police secure the building and deal with what they believe are other possible explosives the suspect brought in backpacks. in the whole ordeal no one other the gunman is hurt. just before 6:00 p.m., police confirmed that he's dead. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> we got another -- new
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snapshot of the economy. encouraging depend how you look at it. number of people falling first-time jobless claims dropped. first-time claims for last week, 472,000. that mum is down 6,000 from the week before. marks two straight weeks of declines. we will have more on this coming your way in 20 minutes. also coming up in an hour, you will see something we haven't seen in almost two years. the secretary of state hillary clinton going to be hosting the first direct middle east peace talks that we have seen in some 20 months. some cautious optimism of course. we are keeping our eye on what's happening there in washington at the state department. we will bring you comb live when hillary clinton steps out with the leaders of the palestinian authority and of israel. prime minister binyamin netanyahu and also mahmoud abbas. let's head to our correspondent, white house correspondent, suzanne malveaux who is standing
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by live for us. i want to break this down in two different ways. first question i want to ask is about the things that divide them in what they are trying to accomplish. also, the possibility of things that could bring them together as well. let's start with the things that they are not seeing eye to eye on. >> reporter: once the administration official i spoke with said lit take political courage for the leaders to come together in a compromise. there are real serious differences. first and foremost, talking about the israeli settlement issue, moratorium that has been in place for ten months or so forbidding the settlements to occur in the west bank. mahmoud abbas will say look we want to continue the moratorium and don't want any morris israeli settlements. binyamin netanyahu, the prime minister, very unclear in terms of whether or not that is actually going to happen. that's a huge sticking point. that much of the moratorium will expire in about a month or so. that's critical. whether or not they can resolve their differences around that.
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obviously that, you are talking about security issues and top concern of the israelis. border issues. whether or not palestinian refugees will be able to return and ultimately whether or not they will split and partition jerusalem into pieces. those are things they have to work you on in the future. and this is about a year or so that president obama says is the timetable to come together on these issues. it is far from certain whether or not they can do that. >> those are the things now we are -- all been covering for some time now to keep the two sides apart. is there something that they can agree on they have a common goal? >> reporter: one of things, as you know the threat of iran, nuclear iran. they have a year window or so, at least the obama administration told the israelis look, they don't believe iran will be nuclear capable until about a year or so. but not only are the israelis threatened by iowa ran but the palestinians. mahmoud abbas, his rival is hamas, gaza.
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iran and hamas have a very close relationship. so the palestinians don't want to see a nuclear iran. have you those other allies working with the leaders of jordan and egypt, they don't want to see a nuclear iran as well. so all of them looking at iran as possibly something that brings them together and they can agree on and as a common threat and that they have to work together perhaps middle east peace will put them on a stronger footing and have the israelis and palestinians working together and against rival iran. >> we appreciate you and appreciate you working together with me this morning and getting through the construction going on. sounds like they are building a another wing to the white house. >> reporter: you can't imagine. it is going to happen the next two years, major construction here. >> guess you will be used to it by then. we appreciate you, as always. thanks so much. coming your way at the bo only of the hour, taking a look at the diplomatic pokes in washington versus the reality on the ground in the middle east.
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we know the harsh realities, knows them well. he was shot bringing the stories to you. that was him being led in a that ambulance you just saw there. he will be along live to share some of his insights here in just a bit. parents fed newspaper california are starting to unite and revolt against a failing school. >> it is time to all stand up together and fight for what we want. one person can't win the battle. but together we can all win the war. >> we are going inside that war, as she calls its it. looking at controversial model, school reform that could catch on nationwide. the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2010 is 250 for $349 a month for 36 months with $3,489 due at signing. see your lexus dealer.
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we are not going to be going far at all way from the story of hurricane earl. now a category 4 expected to make a really close pass by north carolina at some point tonight. also we are going to keep you updated throughout the newscast. you see at the bottom of the screen, the weather screen. we will keep you updated.
9:18 am
reynolds wolf will con to report for and you rob mars onowe who is out on the coast as well. right now, i want to talk about fixing our schools. those three words. fix our schools. driving much of what you see on cnn this week because of america's school children going back to school. cnn has a mission here. we sent teams across the country to document the education crisis in america. most importantly, shine the light on success stories that can empower us to offer our children so much more than they are getting right now. fixing our failing schools. 12% of america's schools actually produce half of the dropouts, education secretary says there are about 5,000 low-performing schools that fail our kids at year after year. half of them are in big cities. about a third are in rural areas, the rest in suburbs and other towns. this is a problem that likely ripples into your community or one that's close by you. take you to california now where some parents are fed up.
9:19 am
they are starting to do something about it now. a controversial new state law that gives them a path to school reform. its nickname, the parent trigger law. teachers unions call it the lynch mob provision. it passed both houses of the california legislature by one vote. thelma gutierrez talks now to concerned parents in one community that are already launching a petition drive targeting the middle school. supporters say that this model may empower parents to fix schools all across the country. >> reporter: downtown los angeles, hundreds of angry parents organized to take over failing schools. >> sign a petition. >> reporter: outside of los angeles, parents launch a petition drive to overthrow a school. >> the judge -- >> reporter: at a local cafe a group of mothers plan a revolt against a middle school they claim is dangerous. >> he was getting bullied in school. they didn't care. >> reporter: a brand-new california law is giving parents
9:20 am
that power. when found out about this new law that had been passed, what was your first thought? >> great. >> thank god. >> about time. >> reporter: this group's target, mount gleason middle school near los angeles. it failed both state and federal achievement standards for years. but they told us test scores are only part of the problem. their top concern is basic safety. >> trying to stop him from kicking him and it broke his arm. >> my daughter was assaulted by a group of girls. it was a brutally assault. she was left with scars, bite marks on her neck. on her breast. >> would had one incident from christmas time. >> reporter: paper organizer liddy grant says these are not isolated cases. she says she collected dozens of serious complaints and witness statements from teachers and students about altercations on campus. this mother, afraid of being identified, says that the assault against her daughter was so violent that she had to get a
9:21 am
restraining order against a student. >> they completely and totally ignored the order. >> we met with every level there is to from the assistant principals, principal, district directors, local superintendents, and the district superintendents, the head superintendent of the district. we met at every level. there's tons of documentation, parents have documentation. we have just stopped the battle until we hit knock nothing but a blocked wall. >> reporter: out of the four of you, how many of you pulled your children out of mount gleason junior high school? this year grant says california parents have a way to force school officials to listen. under the new trigger law, if the school failed state and national achievement standards the principal and at least part of the teaching staff could be removed. the school could be taken over by a new charter school. or it could be forced to close. all grant would need is at least half of the parents' signatures. >> i think that parents should have a voice.
9:22 am
>> reporter: hr -- he says the trigger law is more of the same. >> you start creating a number of different options and in essence confuse parents. >> reporter: what do you tell parents who are so frustrated? not just about maybe school performance but that these kinds of things are happening. >> in general, i believe that schools make the best effort they can to address the concerns of parents and assure the safety of children at the schools. >> reporter: we asked him about the incidents at mount gleason middle school. he said he had no firsthand knowledge. we asked to speak with school officials who did. the district declined and said this written statement to cnn. the school and district are aware of these complains and fully investigated at the time they were raised. in each case, the school followed the proper procedures and corrected actions in dealing
9:23 am
with the students' behavior. despite their anger, these parents say that they don't want their teachers' heads to roll and don't want mount gleason taken over by a new charter school. they want the school principal removed and its leadership reorganized. >> it is time to stand up together and fight for what we want. that one person can't win the battle. but together we can all win the war. >> reporter: they demand accountability and believe the trigger law is the only way to get it. thelma gutierrez, cnn, california. coming up next hour, going on a house call. dr. sanjay gupta. with principal steve perry. he is checking in with a single mom. now he is starting to get into trouble. the homework is piling up. mom is having a tough time cracking the whip. >> he has to help out. you can't put all this on you.
9:24 am
you can't go to work and go to school and come home and cook and clean while he sits there like the prince of sheba. >> i have some reservations because of the lack of responsibility. >> how will he learn it? how did you learn it? >> burning down a house is not an option. >> don't let him in there with a match. you have an electric stove. >> we will meet the brave woman who let steve perry into her house, first of all. he will be there helping out, trying to help out, spelling out problems and detail strategies to fix some of those problems. he will be joining us live to talk about it. he is coming our way the next hour. you will hear what steve perry thinks. what do you think about homework? are kids overloaded these days? you know what kids my say about that. what about the parents as well? they are involved in this. do parents do too much? are they too active as well? how are your students' homework habits? we want you to chime in with
9:25 am
this stuff. that's derek dodge, sifting through your answers. he will be along to share some of your thoughts as well in the next hour. we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪
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taking a look at stories making headlines. hurricane earl is now a category 4. you are looking at the path. it is believed it is going to
9:29 am
stay on. lot of people hope it stays on the path. maybe veer to the east. but right now everybody is hunkering down. all up and down the east coast. watches and warnings in place. it could make a close pass in north carolina. at least the outer banks of north carolina stimulate tonight. also the defense secretary robert gates is in afghanistan right now. he is will on an unannounced visited. he was, of course, in iraq just yesterday. participating in the ceremony that officially handed over military command to the iraqis from the u.s. he will be meeting with the afghan president karzai and military leaders in afghanistan. binyamin netanyahu, israeli prime minister, mahmoud abbas, president of the palestinian authority, they are having face-to-face talks that are set to begin at about 30 minutes. the first time that the two will sit down and have face-to-face talks in about a year and a half. trying to move the peace process forward. you are seeing video here last night of the president welcoming in all of the leaders who participate in the peace talks. this is a live picture.
9:30 am
hillary clinton coming out with the leaders of the palestinian authority and of the israelis going to be talking here shortly. we will take that live when it does happen. meanwhile, let's turn to wall street. the opening bell about to sound. alison kosic keeping an eye there and on job number. >> today's start expected to pale in comparison to yesterday's rocket ride to the top. upbeat manufacturing numbers helped the dow rally more than 250 points on wednesday. investors seem to feel a bit better about the global recovery. hopefully some of that sentiment can carry over to today. so far we have reports we are going through. namely jobless claims. dropped to 472,000. that's the second week in a row claims improved and better than expected. still those levels we are seeing far from what we consider healthy and have been stuck in
9:31 am
the same range for a year now. the country's biggest retailers are reporting their monthly sales figures throughout the morning and they are is your prizingly lo ll ll ll lly surpr. it looks like big discounts and back-to-school shopping gave most stores a boost. wait, we have more data coming. just about half an hour from now, we get two more big numbers, one on factory orders and other on pending home sales. housing numbers have been pretty darned dismal lately while manufacturing has been one of the few bright spots for the economy. the dow is up about three points. nasdaq is down about a fraction. by the way, we are keeping an eye on burger king shares. they are soaring now. over 22% on reports that the company has agreed to be bought out by a private quit firm. we only whoep the whopper will not change its recipe. >> as long as -- as long as it is still 99 cents, i'm good to go. alison, appreciate it as always.
9:32 am
we will talk to you again soon. we are keeping a close eye on this hurricane. hurricane earl, category 4. described as the size of colorado. it is making its way towards north carolina and then up the east coast. we have watches and warnings in place. our guy, reynolds wolf, is here for us. keeping a close eye. checking in with him. figure out where this sucker is going next.
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we are keeping a close eye on this category 4 storm now. hurricane earl. some mandatory evacuations are in place right now for some residents, also tourists have been told to get out of some places. some of those places in the outer banks. we are keeping a close eye on it. i'm checking in with reynolds wolf. we want to show you how some people are getting out. others are hunkering down as well. ken smith reports from our
9:36 am
affiliate wral. >> reporter: south of kitty hawk, that house made famous by the movie is shutting down a day or two. >> we don't want p to lose any of the famous blue shutters. >> reporter: a trap jam on the only road off the island. an all too familiar scene when the storm threatens the outer banks. >> hopefully i will be here and gone by friday morning midday. take it all down and store it somewhere. >> reporter: some vacationers are cutting their stay at the outer banks short. >> it is disappointing. >> reporter: opting to ride off into the sunset with memories of a hurricane shortened vacation. >> time to go home. >> all right. there we are. look at that there. that storm. this is from nasa. i wanted you to explain this. you just see a blob there of clouds. explain what we are seeing there and how impressive it is. >> this is the view, tremendous
9:37 am
view of a tremendous storm. if you were to include the outflow of the storm, the waves or rather the clouds of the far reaches of it, it could actually cover a good deal of the state of texas. it is truly an immense storm and best place is to view it from space. this is a shot from the space station. it is breathtaking in scope. amaze when you look at the clouds, effect of this poe ten cloy have on millions of people. millions of americans living up and down the eastern seaboard. >> the point you made was about the outer banks and how scary it is to be there. >> terrifying place to be. some of the places like where rob marciano is, it is a barrier i had. it is called barrier island for a reason. it is a barrier between the mainland and the sea itself. it is not a very high area. if you had a tremendous storm surge, it would be devastating to that land. storm surge we are expecting for the time being, if it were to brush along the outer banks, two to three feet. the latest we have on the storm here it is. hurricane earl. cat 4 storm. we have angela fritz, our producer in the weather center. let's try to move this frame by
9:38 am
frame so our viewers at home can get a look at what's happening. bring it back a little bit. then put it into motion. just one frame at a time. you will see basically the structure of the storm. have you your eye right here. you have a lot of, say, reds and purples surround it. that's the area, strongest part of the storm. we are beginning to see something else. little bit of dry air trying to break into the center structure of the storm. which is a sign of some weakening. as we advance it, again, few more frames, start to restrengthen. this is not a efficient machine. sputtering machine, if you will. remember tating storm and changes in strength and often happen. that's going to be the case for this storm. i would not be surprised to receive this weaken to a category 3 and restrengthen again back to cat 5. it happens with these storms. something else that will happen, expecting it to make the turn more to the north and eventually veer off to the northeast. take a look at this. you get into 2:00 a.m. friday. winds 135. gusts to 160. strongest storm in the planet. by 2:00 p.m. friday afternoon,
9:39 am
winds at 115. it is going to move farther to the north and as it does so just off the coast, cooler water where it should help weaken it with winds at 100. keep in mind as we wrap things up, although the path has it and even the cone of uncertainty keeps it offshore, this is something that extends way, way out. hurricane force winds that are going to extend 09 miles away from the center. 200 miles off. even if the storm were to make landfall on the coast, you can have widespread power outages that are going to affect millions of people along the eastern seaboard and there could be some flooding along the coast and flight delays for a lot of folks as they venture closer to the holiday weekend. talking all morning and all day, all evening, we will be here for you. >> appreciate it as always. thanks so much. middle east peace talks rupd way in washington right now. a lot different. diplomatic hopes versus what's happening on the ground in the middle east. our ben wedeman knows all too
9:40 am
well about the realities of war. he was shot bringing the stories to you. he is sharing his insights with us. he is coming up in just a moment. ( revving, siren blares ) there's no way to hide it. sir, have you been drinking tonight? if you ride drunk, you will get caught... and you will get arrested.
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when something's safe? you talk to these guys. they go through every car and truck we make with a big fat red pencil. because they know a family's going to be inside. a teenager. a guy on the way to the job. the engineers of chevrolet. just another reason why we can offer a 5-year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.
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and another reason why a chevy's a chevy. another look at the stories making headlines. federal agents visiting the iowa farms in the middle of that egg recall, "wall street journal" now reporting the fda, which has been investigating, now criminal division is getting involved. so far the egg farms are cooping. also, the signs we got just short ago, encouraging economic news. 472,000 first-time jobless claims last week. sounds like a lot. but that's at least less than it was the week before. this is the second straight week now that the number has fallen. also, dutch authorities are saying never mind. two yemeni men that were arrested as terror suspects in amsterdam because they had suspect stuff in their luggage,
9:43 am
well, now, they are saying it is all clear, all good. let them in and go.
9:44 am
it is considered another fresh start for mideast peace talks. for the first time in more an year and half, israelis and palestinians resuming direct peace negotiations. face-to-face talks taking place in just a moment at the state department. being hosted by secretary of state hillary clinton. last night president obama host ad working dinner as it was called. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu and the palestinian leader mahmoud base, the leaders of egypt and jordan as well. the leaders expressed a commitment to making this work. >> each of us holds a title of
9:45 am
honor, president, prime minister, king, we e bound by one title we share. we are fathers, blessed with sons and daughters. so we must ask ourselves what kind of world do we want to bequeath to our children and grandchildren. >> we don't seek a brief interlude between two wars. we don't seek a temporary respite between you bursts of terror. we seek a peace that will end the conflict between us once and for all. we seek a peace that will last for generations. >> we will spare no effort as we work to ensure that these negotiations reach the objectives with all of the
9:46 am
issues. >> talking peace in washington is one thing. it is a lot different on the ground with the middle east now. our ben wedeman knows it too well. he covered the middle east for 16 years for us. he knows the dangers firsthand. in fact, he was shot during the israeli/palestinian clash. we saw him there being taken into that ambulance there. ben still in the region for us and joining us from ramallah in the west bank. there is renewed hope and open tim its billion the possibility, you know, of something work thing time in the peace talks. on the ground, is this new round of talking being greeted with the same kind of hope and optimism there in the middle east? >> reporter: t.j., i was here in the early 1990s after the first oslo accords were signed in third base. at that time you could feel tangible optimism and hope and
9:47 am
enthusiasm. i remember i was in a bus with a group of jordanian and israeli journalists one time. and they had become friends and were exchanging phone numbers and taking pictures. and so you really at that time felt that there was hope, there was a real chance for peace. now you feel on the israeli and palestinian side people are exhausted with expectations and hope rising only to be dashed by events oftentimes out of their control. you speak to -- everybody i have spoken to, the west bank, in jerusalem, in gaza, across the board, everybody is very pessimistic. that doesn't mean they wouldn't like to see a positive outcome. the feeling is that the two sides are too far apart and issues are too contentious to pond even to the best efforts of the u.s. administration and the highest level involve many by president barack obama to move the situation forward. in a sense, it is deja vu all
9:48 am
over again for the people here. they have just gone on too many of these roller coaster rides and then been disappointed at the end. >> ben, even if the two sides were able to come to some kind of agreement, nobody expects it in washington over the next couple of days. even over the next year if negotiations continue, even if the two leaders are able to come to some agreement, how long would it take, do you think, for people there on the ground, civilians, the palestinians, israelis, to actually put their hard feelings behind as well and get onboard with the new agreement and start to actually love thy neighbor. >> well, it all depends, t.j., on the agreement itself. if it has all components both sides are looking for, palestinians want a state and toned israeli settlement construction, israelis want security. and if that's achieved, most people would actually sign on to it.
9:49 am
the other day i spoke to senior hamas member and i said look, even if there is a 1% chance of success, and that 1% turns into a success, what would you do? he said i would kiss the hand of mahmoud abbas, palestinian president. i would apologize for the nasty things i said and i would sign, i would jump onboard to that agreement. so really, it is a question of what sort of agreement comes out of it. we have seen all too off nen the past the agreements were based upon sort of procrastination, that eventually the hard issues would be dealt with, they deal with the small issues first, and hoping that -- a trust will build up to allow the parties to focus on the really difficult issues. like jerusalem, borders, rights of refugees to return. it never really gets to that. it is all incremental and the steps are so short and in a sense impalpable that people have lost patience. as i said, it is not like people
9:50 am
here, for instance, in ramallah want to renew violence. that's the last thing anybody wants. they want real progress, real agreements, not just superficial agreements and photo opportunities where wonderful words are said and then the leaders go home and nothing changes. >> one last thing here. you used the word people justag people just exhausted. nobody wants violence. i know the people that are exhausted of war but are they so exhausted that they're willing to compromise on some of the things they want, or are they so dug in, into the things they really want from an agreement, that no matter how exhausted they are, they will continue the fight? >> reporter: well, if no progress, there will be a renewal of violence. they are so entrenched a political solution sometimes doesn't seem clear. for instance since 1967 the s
9:51 am
settler -- jewish settler population in the west bank in east jerusalem has gone -- risen to half a million people. politically an israeli government will almost surely collapse if suddenly they say a large portion of that population has to be uprooted and moved somewhere else. on the palestinian side, if the palestinian leaders say the right of return of palestinian refugees, forget it. it's off the table. they say jerusalem as our capital we are no longer interested. they will collapse. or in a sense they've reached a dead end. they're so mixed up in this situation that pulling two people apart and creating two separate states is increasingly difficult. it t.j.? >> ben wedeman, again, we're talking about hope and optimism in d.c. ben with a look at the realities on the ground after covering this for so many years in the middle east. ben, we appreciate you as
9:52 am
always. thanks so much. coming up at the top of the hour, we are expecting to hear from secretary of state hillary clinton. she'll be joined by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. you're seeing a live look there at the state department when that event takes place we will dip into it live for you. with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. i'm a member of this hotel'sre loyalty program.. well, how far away is it? okay, we take a train 40 miles to a dude ranch where we pick up a couple of horses that we ride to a nearby river. then we canoe upstream to a helicopter that takes us to the conference. or we could book with and stay closer.
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crossing our political ticker now, arizona governor jan brewer. you know she was in the news a lot over that controversial immigration law that her state passed. well, she always had a response when she was criticized about that. but now people are scratching their heads because last night she didn't have much of a response on another topic. republican governor and her democratic opponent went toe to toe during a televised debate last night. he accused brewer of hurting arizona's image by portraying it as a violent place because of border related crime. he called on her to recant what he said was a false statement she made that there had been beheadings in the desert. brewer sidestepped the response in the debate and then later when reporters tried to ask her about it. >> why wouldn't you recant the comment you made earlier about the beheadings in the desert?
9:56 am
>> seriously, that's a serious question, governor. >> well, thfls an interesting question tonight. >> governor, please answer the question about the headless bodies. why won't you recant that? do you still believe that? come on, governor. >> okay, thank you all. >> well, reporters didn't appreciate that last night. however, brewer insisted union supporters are damaging the economy through a boycott in protest of the state's immigration law. rob marciano has a look at what's coming up in the next hour. >> reporter: bracing on the impact on the north carolina coastline is hurricane earl, now category 4, continues to make its way towards this state, a vulnerable state. hasn't made that right turn yet. we'll have a live report at the top of the hour. >> reporter: i'm suzanne malveaux at the white house. middle east peace talks will
9:57 am
begin momentarily at the state department. israeli and palestinian leaders meeting face-to-face. president obama saying he's under no illusions that passions run deep and this will be extraordinarily difficult. we'll see what these leaders have to say coming up at the top of the hour. >> reporter: i'm alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. the unemployment picture, the employment picture is far from healthy. i'll have the latest numbers for you along with a preview of what wall street expects from tomorrow's big monthly unemployment report. that's coming up in the next hour, t.j. >> all right, rob, suzanne, alison, appreciate you all. see you all shortly. to all you parents out there, listen to this. tell me if it sounds a bit familiar. >> how did you do last year in school? >> i department do so well. >> yeah, what happened? >> see, part of the fault was my teachers. >> what did the teachers have to do with you doing your homework, son? come on, man. >> that's legitimate, right? it's always the teachers. okay, the homework's piling up
9:58 am
out there, the kid's room is a mess, mom is at her wit's end. so our steve perry making a house call trying to help push things around. he's talking solutions coming up in our next hour of the "cnn newsroom." psales event. lease the 2010 is 250 for $349 a month for 36 months with $3,489 due at signing. see your lexus dealer. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving heat patch activates sensory receptors.
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10:01 am
hurricane earl is back up to a category 4 storm. there are watches and warnings all up and down the east coast, north carolina in particular right now is bracing for the storm to go by it sometime maybe late this evening am there are mandatory evacuations that are in place especially for tourists but full-time residents being told to get out of there. others, of course, are hunkering down, going to ride it out. there are threats though the storm is not expected to make la landfall in north carolina right now at least. still, it's going to get close enough that they're going to experience some hurricane force winds. also five-foot storm surge, some big, destructive waves, rip currents. up in portland, maine, as well. all the way up in maine right now lifeguards are scrambling. they had to get out there and save a swimmer or two because of these rip currents. and in south florida, take you back down that direction, dangerous conditions in the water there possibly as well. big waves, rough surf, and rip
10:02 am
currents as well. our hurricane headquarters. this is where you are right now. reynolds wolf tracking earl here at the weather center. we're going to get to him in just a second. let's start with our rob marciano on the north carolina coast. rob, hello to you. it's coming. it's not supposed to make a direct landfall there but, still, it is going to make things a bit tricky. how is the weather right now? >> reporter: well, the winds are picking up but there's no rain or stormy conditions. you wouldn't know that there's a hurricane out there, quite frankly, and there was a nice sunrise. the waves are picking up a little bit. it's still low tide. low tide is coming in. you notice our hurricanes and storms the past couple of years have been on the east coast. this landscape is completely different. the runup on the beach is different. you don't get quite the big storm surge you would, say, on the florida panhandle. these waves will be building throughout the day today, 20, 30-footers at times breaking on this beach.
10:03 am
and further down the road and down to cape hatteras, which has had a mandatory evacuation, there is a road there that has been blown out in previous hurricanes and that is the fear with this one, regardless of how close it gets, even if it gets category 1 strength down there, it could blow a hole through that road and that is a huge concern. how are people taking this? well, yesterday when we were out and about, they were pretty casual about it. take a listen. >> we're from michigan so we're used to storms. this is our first hurricane so we're excite body it and hope everything goes well. >> you're going to party your way through, hu sn. >> ignorance is bliss. >> three bottles of wine hidden in there. >> reporter: that's all you need, huh? >> the kids are good with the milk. >> reporter: are you not really worried about it? >> no. it might ruin some beach time. looks like it's okay. we'll keep an eye on the tv, right. you guys let us know if we need to be worried. >> reporter: well, you should be worried. whether or not it's going to make a direct impact, that is yet to be seen. people, i can tell you that
10:04 am
morning, are taking it much more serious now that it's a category 4 with the forecasts that it will come very, very close and potentially even closer. if if does even jog 10, 20, 30 miles west that could put the area right in the core of the western eye wall and that is not a place you want to be. so that is a fear and until this passes us late tonight, early tomorrow morning, folks are certainly sweating it just a little bit and visitors have been told to get out of the outer banks and we have seen folks doing just that in anticipation of the storm. >> we appreciate you saying it, yes, you should take it seriously. rob, we appreciate you. we're going to continue to check in with you. reynolds, amazing to hear someone say something that sounds so stupid. we're kind of excited about it. >> many of the bridges that lead back to the mainland, shut them down as soon as the winds get up to 39 miles an hour. once they get to tropical storm force, those bridges are closed
10:05 am
f. you're on the outer banks, you're not going anywhere else. the reason why it is so important and so dangerous is because, as rob mentioned, if this storm were to come even relatively close to land, you will deal with the western half of the storm. the side here, the winds spinning counterclockwise. you can still deal with the brunt of this wind which will extend about some 90 miles from the center of it. tropical storm force winds over 200 miles from the center. so keeping that in mind and looking at the path we have at the national hurricane center, if the storm were to stay just right on this forecast line or perhaps deviate more to the east or west, the coastline is still going to be ravaged by some heavy winds. of course you will have tremendous waves. power outages are almost a certainty from boston southward to the carolinas, perhaps even as far north as maine, even areas that are not under the gun, the florida coastline or even the georgia coastline, you will be dealing with some very, very strong undertows, rough times in terms of rip currents. it will be a danger for a lot of people. millions of americans will be affected and the very latest on the storm, keep it here at your
10:06 am
hurricane headquarters. t.j., back over to you. >> appreciate you and like you said there a lot of people could be affected if you're trying to travel, a lot of people are traveling the holiday weekend. some airlines trying to help you out, though, because of this hurricane. continental, delta, u.s. airways, air tran and frontier. they're going to let customers change their flight dates without a fee. this affects people flying to or from the east coast including the cities of boston, new york, fi philadelphia, washington, d.c., also down to raleigh and greensboro. you need to check with your airlines but they're at least trying to make it a little ea easier if you are affected by the storm. also, i've been telling but this for the past hour, we are moments away starting to see people arrive here. what you're watching is something that we haven't seen in about a year and a half. direct talks, direct peace talks between the israeli leader and the palestinian leader. this is happening at the state department. we're starting to see people arrive but the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, and the palestinian leader, mahmoud abbas, will be sitting down together for direct talks
10:07 am
at the state department being hosted by the secretary of state, hillary clinton. we're awaiting her remarks. when she does speak, we will dip back live and let you hear her. people are starting to gather there. let me turn over to suzanzanne malvea malveaux. the president was pretty much out there hosting a dinner, hosting that mini press conference, if you will, the statements we saw him out last night. but today the direct talks being put into the hands of secretary of state clinton. why? >> reporter: well, i spoke to senior administration official this morning, t.j., and essentially he said the president has set the stage here, that the nitty-gritty of negotiations is not the president's job. his job was essentially to bring these leaders together and to say, look, this is the time of political courage, political will. this is the time for these two leaders to negotiate if you are willing to do so. this is not going to be a president who is going to be involved in every step of the way. as a matter of fact what the
10:08 am
hope is is that you're going to have secretary clinton and george mitchell, the u.s. special envoy, to try to get these two sides together and their delegates to talk and hash through some of the initial things that they have to work through whether it's security, israeli settlement expansion, that type of thing, and then moving forward trying to build on the momentum a little bit, perhaps meet and have additional talks in egypt, in cairo hosted by the egyptian president hosni mubarak in the next couple of weeks or so because they want to build on whatever progress is being made. that's not going to involve president obama. it likely will involve secretary clinton going over there, likely involving george mitchell, and, of course, those delegates. so this is the kind of thing that the president has offered. if you need me, i'll be there. if there's some sort of impasse but this is your job now. i'm putting it in your hands. t.j.? >> some kind of impasse. there are plenty of things they could possibly hit a stalemate on but one thing they could have
10:09 am
in common here and they want to work certainly together is about iran. nobody -- nobody -- wants to see iran go nuclear. >> reporter: well, that's true. and george mitchell mentioned that yesterday saying that that was really an important issue among all of these leaders here because the palestinians and the israelis don't want to see a nuclear iran. obviously the israelis because they feel they'll be under direct threat and also if you think about it, t.j., you have the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas, his main rival is hamas. has in gaza but hamas is in iran, supporting as enemies. so this gives them an opportunity, if you will, to unite as a friend. that is what they are talking about here. perhaps they can get all of these sides together and move forward so that they can go ahead and tackle whatever kind of threat they believe iran will be in the future. >> all right, suzanne malveaux for us from the white house keeping an eye on things. we appreciate you as always.
10:10 am
and, of course, we're keeping an eye on that live picture, again, when secretary clinton steps out we will bring that to you live. but peace talks happening today. again, the first we've seen in a year and a half but over the past couple of decades the u.s. has been involved in several key efforts, peace efforts, between the israelis and the palestinians. going back to 1993. the oslo agreement, the plo leader yasser arafat and yitzhak rabin shared their famous handshake. then in 2000 president clinton brought both sides together again at camp david but could not reach a final agreement between arafat and israel's prime minister barack. then president george w. bush brought together the israeli prime minister olmert. this was in annapolis, maryland. we're keeping a close eye on what's happening at the state department. we'll take you there live when it starts. also, let me turn to just outside of washington. bomb searching crews have
10:11 am
finished up at the discovery channel. the explosions you're hearing there were last night, hours after the ordeal actually ended. this was in silver spring, maryland. a gunman had stormed into the network's reception area and had taken three hostages. he was shot and killed. he told negotiators he had a number of bombs with him. the hostage taker has been identified as james lee. he had a long-standing grudge against the network because it did not promote his radical environmental views. well, you have been hearing about those miners in chile that are stuck right now, been stuck underground for weeks, could be stuck for months. but look at this. looks like a pretty happy crew. looking at this video, some new video released. it shows us kind of what their life is like down there. also, hurricane earl, category 4, is on its way.
10:12 am
it's going to get real close to north carolina some time tonight. our reynolds wolf keeping a close eye on that storm force. we're checking in with him coming up. host: coulswinto geico really save you 15% or more on car insuranc did the little piggy cry w wee all the wahome? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: pix. ...maxwell! mom: you're home. piy:h,ol, anks mrs. a. anncr: geico. minutes could save you 15% or more.
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10:14 am
because kids in foster care don't need perfection. they need you.
10:15 am
well, they seem to be in pretty good shape. pretty good spirits considering the fact that they have been trapped for weeks under ground in a mine and they could be trapped there for the next couple of months. these are the miners in chile. the story we've been following -- that's some new video we're getting of them. our cnn's anderson cooper shows us what life is like for them after getting some deliveries of basic supplies. >> reporter: for the 33 men, this is their life line, one of three narrow tubes that brings them bottles of water, food and medicine, also supplies needed to sustain them for months underground. the latest video taken by the
10:16 am
miners offers encouraging new details about their subterranean existence. "there's nothing that's done without order "says the spokesman for the men. everything that's here is at hand and everything that you need you see. unlike last week's footage, the new video shows several of the men in shirts, clean shaven, and in better health. when the ordeal began the men were given only liquid vitamins and protein. now they're being sent sandwiches, yogurt and cereal. we've been eating according to the diet you sent us, he says. meds are given to the men who need them the most. the phones they need to communicate and to show us their sense of humor is intact. we put the phone over here so each one can have some privacy, he says. chilean men are macho and don't like people to see us cry. joking, despite the disaster, another promising sign for the
10:17 am
men who now have mp3 players and speakers. the music has arrived and we're organizing today's party, he says. we're super happy. we've been dancing to a couple of songs. 2,300 feet above, a drill cuts into the earth the beginning of what everyone prays is the end. the families of the miners are nearby in tents. they call it camp hope. we're happy because the drill has arrived, the wife of one miner says. we're happy because we know they'll rescue them. back in the mine a strange sight. a white pickup truck is now a place to sleep for one of the miners. the truck is in an area they'll move to as rescue crews draw closer. a chant for their country and with the message of unity and patriotism. to all of chile, he says. if we felt proud of our country and chilean mining before, we feel even more proud today because of what's being done. anderson cooper, cnn.
10:18 am
and, again, we are keeping a close eye on this hurricane, hurricane earl, category 4 right n now. we have watches and warnings all up and down the east coast. north carolina is bracing right now expecting to get the first hit some time this evening. our reynolds wolf coming your way in a couple of minutes. feeling back pain? dr. scholl's back pain relief orthotics with shockguard technology give you immediate relief that lasts all day long.
10:19 am
dr. scholl's. visit our facebook page to save $3. enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
10:20 am
taking a look at some of the stories making headlines, this will be making headlines for some time, at least the next couple of days, maybe over the weekend. hurricane earl could be passing really close to the outer banks of north carolina sometime tonight. a lot of watches and warnings are in place up and down the east coast. also the defense secretary robert gates is in afghanistan right now. he's there on an unannounced visit. going to be stopping by to meet with certainly the military leaders. also a lot of the troops. also meeting with the president of afghanistan, hamid karzai. also, benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister, and mahmoud abbas, the palestinian leader, about to have face-to-face talks for the first time in about a year and a half. you're seeing a live picture where those talks are going to take place at the state department in washington, d.c. they are going to be hosted by the secretary of state, hillary clinton, expected to hear from her in short order. when she steps out to speak, we'll cover that for you live.
10:21 am
10:22 am
second week in a row jobless claims have gone down. that's some good news. alison kosik has the news for us. it was a bit of a drop but still significant enough people are paying attention. that's two weeks in a row. >> reporter: every little bit. jobless claims fell by 6,000 to 472,000. it is a move in the right direction. that 472,000 number is still really high. claims have been stuck in that mid to upper 400,000 range for almost a year now. >> fmg me, dear lady. we're expecting this event and here it is happening now. my apologies to alison.
10:23 am
for the first time in a year and a half we are seeing the two sides sit down to direct talks. hillary clinton hosting the event here at the state department. let's go ahead and listen in to the secretary of state. >> i want to thank all of you for joining us today to relaunch negotiations -- gnaw[ inaudible the decision to sit at this table was not easy. we understand the suspicion and skepticism that so many feel borne out of years of conflict and frustrated hopes, a tragic act of it terror on tuesday and the terrorist shooting yesterday are yet additional reminders of the human costs of this conflict. but by being here today, you
10:24 am
each have taken an important step toward freeing your peoples from the shackles of a history we cannot change. and moving toward a future of peace and dignity that only you can create. so thank you. thank you for your courage and your commitment. i also want to recognize the support of egypt and jordan which have long been crucial partners for peace. and we appreciate the support of the arab league for the vision of a comprehensive peace embodied in these talks. i also wish to thank former prime minister tony blair, the special representative of the quartet for his leadership and
10:25 am
efforts. mr. blair's work in support of the institutional and economic development of the palestinian people is critical to the success of these peace efforts. as we've said all along, progress on this track must go hand-in-hand with progress in negotiatio negotiations. and let me also, as represented by this overwhelming turnout of representatives of the press from across the world, express our gratitude to many friends and allies who have worked so hard for progress toward our shared goals. to those who criticize this proce process, who stand on the sidelines and say no, i ask you to join us in this effort. as president obama said yesterday we hear often from
10:26 am
those voices in the region who insist that this is a top priority and yet do very little to support the work that would actually bring about a palestinian state. now is the opportunity to start contributing to progress. for our part, the united states has pledged its full support for these talks and we will be an active and sustained partner. we believe, prime minister and president, that you can succeed and we understand that this is in the national security interests of the united states that you do so. but we cannot and we will not impose a solution. only you can make the decisions necessary to reach an agreement and secure a peaceful future for
10:27 am
the israeli and palestinian people. now for many of us in this room, this is not the first trip to the negotiating table. i look around and i see veterans from all three of us. we've been here before and we know how difficult the road ahead will be. there undoubtedly will be obstacles and setbacks. those who oppose the cause of peace will try in every way possible to sabotage this process as we have already seen this week. but those of you here today, especially the veterans who are here today, you have returned because you have seen the cost of continued conflict. you know that your people deserve the benefits of peace. the core issues at the center of
10:28 am
these negotiations, territory, security, refugees, settlements and others, will get no easier if we wait. nor will they resolve themselves. success will take patience, persistence and leadership. the true test of these negotiations will not be their first day and it will not be their last day. it will be all those long days in the middle when the path toward peace seems hidden and the enemies of peace work to keep it obscured. but we are convinced that if you move forward in good faith and do not waver in your commitment to succeed on behalf of your people, we can resolve all of the core issues within one year. you have taken the first steps. you have both embraced the idea of a two-state solution, which
10:29 am
is the only path toward a just, lasting peace that ensures security and dignity for both israelis and palestinians. i fervently believe that the two men sitting on either side of me, that you are the leaders who can make this long, cherished dream a reality, and we will do everything possible to help you. this is a time for both leadership and a time for statesmen who have the courage to make difficult decisions. mr. prime minister, mr. president, you have the opportunity to end this conflict and the decades of enmity between your peoples once and for all. and i want to conclude by just saying a few words directly to the people of the region.
10:30 am
your leaders may be sitting at the negotiating table but you are the ones who will ultimately decide the future. you hold the future of your families, your communities, your people, this region, in your hands. for the efforts here to succeed, we need your support and your patience. today, as ever, people have to rally to the cause of peace, and peace needs champions on every street corner and around every kitchen table. i understand very well the disappointments of the past. i share them. but i also know we have it within our power today to move
10:31 am
forward into a different kind of future, and we cannot do this without you. so now let me turn to the prime minister who will make his remarks followed by the president. thank you, madam secretary. i want to thank you and president obama for the many efforts that you've invested to bring us to this moment. my friend, senator mitchell, thank you for your consistent effort for you and your staff's efforts to bring a lasting and
10:32 am
durable peace to our region. president abbas, as i said yesterday in our meeting at the white house, the president of the united states, the president of egypt, and the king of jordan, i see in you a partner for peace. together we can lead our people to a historic future. that can put an end to claims and to conflict. now this will not be easy. a true peace, a lasting peace, would be achieved only with mutual and painful concessions from both sides.
10:33 am
from the israeli side, from the palestinian side, from my side, and from your side. but the people of israel and i as their prime minister are prepared to walk this road and to go a long way, a long way in a short time. to it achieve a genuine peace that will bring our people security, prosperity and good neighbors. good neighbors. to shape a different reality between us. that's going to involve serious negotiations because there are many issues in contention. the core issues that you outlined, madam secretary, are
10:34 am
things that we have disagreements on, but we have to get from disagreement to agreement. a big task. now two years ago, or rather a year ago in a speech i gave in israel, i tried to outline the two pillars of peace that i think will enable us to resolve all the outstanding issues. and these are legitimacy and security. just as you expect us to be ready to recognize a palestinian state as the nation state of the palestinian people, we expect you to be prepared to recognize israel as the nation state of the jewish people.
10:35 am
there are more than a million non-jews living in israel, the nation state of the jewish people, who have full civil rights. there is no contradiction between a nation state that guarantees the national rights of the majority and guaranteeing the civil rights, the full civil equality of the minority. i think this mutual recognition between us is indispensable to clarifying to our two people our two peoples that the conflict between us is over. i said, too, yesterday that a real peace must take into account the genuine security needs of israel, that if
10:36 am
changed -- they've changed since i was last here. you spoke about the veterans who are gathered here around this table. we've been here before. we fashioned the agreement. this was 12 years ago. in these 12 years new forces have risen in our region and we've had the rise of iran and its proxies and of missile warfare. and so a peace agreement must take into account security arrangement against these real threats that have been directed against my country, threats that have been realized with 12,000 rockets that have been fired on our territory, and terrorist attacks that go unabated. president abbas, i'm fully aware and i respect your people's
10:37 am
desire for sovereignty. i'm convinced that it's possible. to reconcile that desire with israel's needs for security. we anticipate difficult days before we achieve the much desired peace. the last two days have been difficult. they were exceedingly difficult for my people and for me. blood has been shed. the blood of innocents. four innocent israelis gunned down brutally. two people wounded. seven new orphans. president abbas, you condemned this killing. that's important. no less important is to find the killers.
10:38 am
and equally, to make sure that we can stop other killers. they seek to kill our people, kill our state, kill our peace. and so achieving security is a must. security is the foundation of peace. without it peace will unravel. with it, peace can be stable and enduring. president abbas, history has given us a rare opportunity to end the conflict between our peoples, a conflict that has been lasting for almost a se century.
10:39 am
it's an unprecedented opportunity to end the century conflict. well, there have been some examples in history but not many. we face such a task. to end the bloodshed and to secure a future of promise and hope for our children and grandchildren. the first book of the bible, the book of genesis, there's a story of how two brothers in conflict -- brothers -- isaac and ismael, joined together to b bury their father, abraham. our father. the father of our two peoples. isaac, the father of the hebrew nation, ismael, the father of
10:40 am
the arab nation, joined together in a moment of pain and mutual respect to bury abraham in hebron. i can only pray, and i know that millions around the world, millions of israelis and millions of palestinians and many other millions around the world pray that the pain that we have experienced, you and us, in the last hundred years of conflict, will enigunite us noty in a moment of peace around a table of peace here in washington but will enable us to leave from here and to forge a
10:41 am
durable, lasting peace for generations. shal shalom, peace. >> translator: in the name of god, madam secretary hillary clinton, mr. prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu, ladies and gentlemen, let me in the first place once again extend my thanks to president barack obama and to secretary clinton and senator george mitchell and their teams for the
10:42 am
unrelenting effort they exerted during the last months. in order to relaunch the negotiation on the final status between the plo and the israeli government. ladies and gentlemen, now that you are launching these negotiations today, we do know how hard the challenges are we are facing and we will face during these negotiations. negotiations that should within a year lead to an agreement that will bring the peace, the just peace of interfashion law, international legality between our two people, the israelis and the palestinians. what's encouraging as well and what's giving us confidence is that the road is clear in front
10:43 am
of us. in order to reach peace, the role of international law is represented by the general assembly of the united nations, the quartet, and the positions of the european union, of the arab committee. all these positions clearly for us represent international unanimity on the references, the basis and the goals of the negotiation. ladies and gentlemen, also we're not starting from scratch because we had many rounds of negotiations between the plo and the israeli government. and we studied all horizons and we also defined and determined all the pending issues. we would work on all the final status issues, jerusalem, the
10:44 am
settlements, the borders, security, and also releasing detainees in order to end the occupation that started in 1967, the occupation of the palestinian territories, and in order to create the state of palestine existing in israel, in order to end the conflict and the historic demands in the middle east and to bring peace and security for the two people and all the peoples in the region. once again we want to state our commitment to follow on all our engagements including security and ending incitement and we call on the israeli government to move forward with its commitment to end all settlement activities and completely lift the embargo over the gaza strip and end all form of incitement.
10:45 am
also with respect to security, you do know, ladies and gentlemen, that we have security that are still young but that are doing everything expected from them. yesterday we condemned the operations. we did not only condemn them but we also followed the perpetrators and you are able to find the car that was used and to arrest those who sought and bought the car, and we will continue all our effort to take security measures in order to find the perpetrators. we consider that security is of essence, is right for both of us. and we cannot allow for anyone
10:46 am
to do anything that would und undermine your security and our security and we, therefore, not only condemn but we keep on working seriously security is fundamental and sensitive. ladies and gentlemen, once again, i want to state today what i said at the white house meeting yesterday in front of president obama, president mubarak and king abdullah, and i do believe their participation was of essence and is strong and represented the belief of jordan and egypt in peace. these two states alongside with other arab states do believe that peace is a vital interest not only for the palestinians and the israelis but also for all the people in the region and
10:47 am
for the united states as president obama said when he said that the creation of a palestinian state, only two state vision is a vital national american interest. the plo participates in these negotiations with good intentions and seriousness and is adamant about bringing just peace that guarantees freedom and independence for the palestinian people attached to his land and rights. the fair solution of the problem of the refugees according to international resolutions, we are attached to the international resolutions. we do not want anything above and we do not want anything under. we want to have a new era in our region, an era that brings peace, justice, security, and prosperity for all and let me
10:48 am
say here that in 1993 on the 9th of september, of this year we signed, mr. prime minister, what is called a document of mutual recognition between us and israel. between former president arafat and yitzhak rabin and the document was signed. and in this document we give enough so to show that our intentions are good, our intentions with respect to recognizing the state of israel and that in camp david also commitments were required from us. and when we came back with
10:49 am
president clinton, we carried on with all our commitments because we respect our commitments and our agreements. therefore, we start from here to reach a peace that will end the conflict, that will meet all the demands and start a new era between the israeli and the palestinian people. thank you and peace be among you. >> i want to thank both leaders for their statements, and i also want to thank the members of their respective teams who are here in both delegations. the people sitting here have worked very hard, some for many years, and they certainly have traveled a long way to be here, and we're grateful for their commitment as well. today president obama and i, senator mitchell and our entire team, are prepared to do
10:50 am
whatever we can to help you succeed. and we believe in you and we support you. so, again, let me thank you for being here and now it's time to get to work. thank you all very much. well, her husband gave it a shot several years ago. and now it's secretary of state hillary clinton's turn, sitting down now and hosting what we haven't seen in a year and a half, direct talks between the israeli and palestinian leader about to get under way right now. they already in their opening remarks to the press have kind of set the stage of what are going to be some of the sticking points including the end of all settlement activity. that's what the palestinian president did say in his openings remarks, calling on israel to end all settlement activity. that is going to be a major sticking point because the moratorium on settlements that the israelis now have in place is set to expire at the end of this month. i leave the 24th of this month, if i have that correctly. so he is going to have to make
10:51 am
some kind of move to extend that moratorium or to let it expire, which many people in his constituency want back home. so that is going to be a sticking point. the israeli leader, for his part, saying that, yes, he wants to recognize a palestinian state but you at the same time need to recognize the israeli state as the home of the jewish people and security will be a major concern. so, again, we haven't seen this in a year and a half now. a major moment. we have seen many moments like this before over the years that have started with so much optimism but ended in so much heartbreak and bloodshed at the end of the day but they are trying to give it a go once again. the israeli prime minister and also the palestinian president about to go into talks for the first time in a year and a half to try to come up with some solution, a two-state solution and according to all parties involved they would like to and believe they can have some kind of an agreement in place maybe within the next year. the talks begin. we'll see what comes of them. la. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance.
10:52 am
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over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they like that vehicles like the 2010 malibu, traverse
10:54 am
and silverado half-ton have each been named a consumers digest best buy. they like that chevy backs the quality with a one-hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees now get a low mileage lease on this malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch begins at fix our schools. cnn has a mission to document
10:55 am
the nation's education crisis as america's children head back to cla class. we've been talking problems and solutions all this week. in this hour we're heading into the home. we sent our education contributor steve perry on a house call to help out the taylor family. homework going undone, mom struggling to keep her son on track, until principal perry comes up. >> reporter: i'm dr. steve perry, a high school principal. today i'm here to make a house call. we're at the taylor residence with mom, miss jasmine taylor. a single mom and her son had a tough time last year, barely made it out of the sixth grade. this year we're going to make some changes. that's why i'm here. >> he is a very rambunctious, happy, loving. if he puts his mind to it, he can be a fabulous student. last year he didn't bring homework home. where is homework? we didn't have any today. i did it in class. everything under the sun that
10:56 am
most kids come up with for not having homework. he would be scoring like 30s on quizzes and missing like five, six homework assignments. why is this shoved in your notebook? i had to take him to see a therapist because i didn't understand why i couldn't get him to understand the simple things. i would want somebody to help him educationally, to help him find his best way to focus because i haven't found it yet. hello. >> reporter: steve perry. nice to meet you. who is this? of course it's hezekiah. >> it could be worse. >> reporter: what happened? >> i got home from football practice, my room was worse than this. i cleaned it before i went to bed last night. i didn't make up my bed. just apparently somehow it's all poofed. >> reporter: how did you do last year in school? >> i didn't do so well.
10:57 am
>> reporter: what happened? >> see, part of the fault was my teachers -- >> reporter: what did the teachers have to do with you doing your homework, son? come on, man. last year was a tough year, huh? >> an extremely tough year. he was an honor roll student. we went from as and bs to fs. >> reporter: one of the first places i like is how they're doing in physical education or art or music. all a kid has to do is show up and participate. you simply have to do what the adult in charge tells you to do. i think we know that our little boy had some trouble with that, yes? >> yes. >> reporter: so that's something that happens and this is a tough time for moms because you've been carrying him for so long. you figure if you let him go, he'll just fall down. here is the thing.
10:58 am
he's going to fall. you're going to fall. he's going to. >> okay. >> reporter: that's not the probl problem. it's what we do with the fall and how we learn from the fall. what we can do to be successful, we're going to come up with some very simple strategies and this is the beginning of it. the first one is accountability. we're going to break accountability into two basic parts. the first part is mom and the second part is hezekiah. another word is responsibility. that's exactly what it is. so we could just as easily change that and put responsibility. i'm going to point something out to you. one of his assignments was to talk about what he was bad at. do you know what you did? and then you answered it. you said mom has to help out.
10:59 am
you can't go to work, go to school, come home, and cook and clean while he sits there like the prince of sheba. >> i have some reservations because of the lack of responsibility. >> how did you learn it? >> i don't know but burning down the house is not going to happen. >> you have an electric stoem. >> if tatet tots are burnt, so is my house. >> reporter: not going to happen. >> okay. >> reporter: his education has to be his responsibility. you have to take a different role in this. have you watched the littlest ones? the coaches are out on the field, right? as they get older, where do the coaches go? >> on the sideline. >> reporter: that's right. got to put you on the sideline. >> i'm not trying to say i want to put my mom on the sideline, like one of my coaches. >> maybe you're ready for me to take a step back? >> yes. >> all right. >> i'm not saying you have to -- >> it's not a bad thing.

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